Operation Round Up

Town of Edenton Utility Customers can enroll in the Operation Round Up program where you elect to have your monthly utility bill automatically "round up" to the next even dollar amount.  Example:  Let's say your monthly utility bill was $66.90 then for that month your bill would round up to $67.00.  The extra 10 cents goes to the Operation Round Up program.  

Your gift of small change can power big change for people in need of help to pay their electric bill.  Your monthly donation can be as small as a penny but never more than 99 cents.  All money generated from the program goes to the Community Emergency Aid program which helps citizens who are facing short-term crisis.  

If you are interested in enrolling in this program please print out the enrollment form (which can be found on the Forms page) and complete with your information and return to the Edenton Town Hall or you can e-mail to jessica.combs [at] edenton.nc.gov or fax to 252-482-7377.