Edenton Social District logo with "Drink Responsibly -- Be 21" below it

The Downtown Edenton Social District was launched in September 2023. Following in the footsteps of 40 other towns and cities across North Carolina, Edenton's Social District aims to enhance economic vitality downtown, attract younger audiences to our community and boost both tourism and business foot traffic. 

So what is a Social District?

We're glad you asked! Social districts allow people to drink beer and wine as they walk through a defined area of downtown Edenton. The town's social district operates Thursdays and Fridays from 5 PM to 9 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 9 PM

The North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation in 2022 allowing municipalities to designate areas where open containers of alcoholic beverages purchased from a licensed ABC permittee can be consumed outdoors, on sidewalks, and on the property of participating businesses that do not have an ABC permit. Within the Social District, anyone 21 and older can purchase beer and wine from businesses with green stickers (businesses that sell), walk around within the defined district on sidewalks and crosswalks as well as into businesses with green or yellow stickers (businesses that allow). Businesses with red stickers do not allow alcohol to be carried inside. 

Drinks are NOT allowed in parking lots, on government property (Town Hall, Chowan County Courthouse, Shepard-Pruden Library, Chamber of Commerce, Council Chambers), in the vicinity of the Barker House, within Colonial Park (playground area) or on the 1767 Courthouse Green. Wherever you walk up on a social district sign downtown facing you, that means you have reached a boundary. Call the Police Department with any issues at (252) 482-5144. 

March 2024 Update

During the six-month update to Town Council, Planner Dewayne Whealton and DDE Executive Director Ches Chesson noted that zero negative incidents have occurred in the social district since its inception. Town Council will be briefed again on the status of the district at the one year mark in September. 

A small cup with an Edenton Social District logo on it

Simple! Give the Town Planner a call at (252) 482-2155 extension 182 and they will walk you through the steps of obtaining your sticker and registering your business on the social district list. 

Edenton's Social District map