Historic Preservation Commission

The 1767 Historic Chowan County Courthouse pictured in the snow

The Edenton Historic Preservation Commission is a board appointed by the Town Council. Members must have demonstrated a special interest, experience, or education in historic preservation, history, architecture, restoration, construction, and/or community development and must live within the Town of Edenton. 

The role of the Edenton Preservation Commission is to safeguard the integrity of the Edenton Historic District by ensuring that property within the district is treated consistently with the special character of the district. One of the most useful functions performed by the Edenton Preservation Commission is to encourage property owners to plan sensitively and carefully the changes they choose to make to their property. 

There are two basic rules to follow when planning work to a historic building: 1.) Repair rather than replace. 2.) If replacement is necessary match the original as closely as possible.

Meetings take place at 1:15 PM on the second Monday monthly at the Council Chambers. 

Commission Members

Lisa Baker Chair
Frances Maffitt Member
Tom Newbern Member
Linda Thornton Member
Jessica Otey Member
Peggy Anne Vaughan Member
Paul Hicks Member


Samuel Dixon Councilman