Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement office is responsible for ensuring that the Town of Edenton residents and property owners follow the code of ordinances, which pertain to dilapidated homes, junk cars, trash, and nuisances such as overgrown grass and vegetation at properties. 

Currently, our Code Enforcement office is working hand-in-hand with Alliance Code Enforcement, LLC in an effort to expand our reach and ensure we accurately enforce the code of ordinances town-wide. If any resident has any questions about this, please contact the Town Planner or Code Enforcement Officer. 

For a copy of the Code of Ordinances, find it on the menu to the left, or here

Code Enforcement Process 

Step One: First Letter (Notice of Violation)

During this step, you will be contacted via letter by Alliance Code Enforcement about a violation on your property. They will attempt to schedule a meeting with you. If you do not attend this meeting, or if you do not make visible improvements to your property, you will move to step two. 

Step Two: Second Letter and Second Meeting

During the second step, another attempt to reach you will be made, as well as a second meeting scheduled. If you come and meet with our code enforcement team and progress is still not made (or if you do not show up for the meeting at all), then you will move to the third and final step. 

Step Three: Final Notice and Finding of Facts

Usually close to six months into the process, the third and final step will be reached. This step is only reached if you have made no visible progress or attempt to work with the Town of Edenton and/or our code enforcement team, and/or not appeared at the scheduled meetings with said team. 

During this time, our team will provide you with a finding of facts, stating that no visible progress has been made on your property to fix the violations in question. If this continues, the town council may vote on an ordinance to begin levying fines against you until changes are made. 

If you receive a violation letter ONLY and have questions about it or would like to report progress, contact Bob DeWitt at dewitt [at]

For ALL OTHER code enforcement questions, contact the Town Planner at (252) 482-2155 ext. 182 or email him at dewayne.whealton [at]

To report code violations anonymously, visit our Report a Problem page.