Parks & Outdoor Spaces

The Town of Edenton, together with Chowan County, own or manage numerous parks and open spaces that are accessible to the public within the town limits or just beyond. 

All parks are maintained by the Town of Edenton, with the exception of the 1767 Courthouse Green, Earnhardt Fields, Fisher Fields, Griffith Park, Historic Hicks Field, Pembroke Creek Park, and the Purser Soccer Complex. Griffith Park is owned by Chowan County, but is maintained by the Town of Edenton. 

For any questions about county-maintained parks and open spaces within Town of Edenton limits, call the Recreation Department at (252) 482-8595. 

For updates on our neighborhood park redevelopment project, visit the project page

All Parks (map) 

Colonial Park 

Courthouse Green (County) 

Earnhardt Fields (County) 

Elizabeth Vann Moore Park (Queen Anne Park) 

Filbert's Creek Park 

Fisher Fields (County) 

Griffith Park (County) 

Hayes Farm 

Historic Hicks Field (County) 

Hollowell Park 

MLK Park 

Morgan Park 

Paxton Lane Park 

Pembroke Creek Park (County) 

Purser Soccer Complex (County)  

Stratford-Hawthorne Park 

Sunfish Park