Tree Committee

Tree canopy on Elliott Street

The Tree Committee oversees trees in the public space, such as on town property, in town parks, and in the town's right-of-way (grassy strip between sidewalk and street). The committee considers recommended trees for the town and is involved with advising staff on best practices, tree planting, tree diseases, Arbor Day celebrations, and partnering with the N.C. Forest Service on various projects or for consultation. 

For trees on private property in the historic district, this would fall under the guidance of the Edenton Preservation Commission

Meetings take place at 3:30 PM on the third Monday monthly at the Council Chambers. Town Planner Dewayne Whealton is the staff liaison to this board. 

Board Members

John Morehead Chair
Susan Inglis Member
William Ahearn Member
Flint Harding III Member 
Ellen Colodney  Member 
Rick Naccara  Member 


Patrick Sellers  Councilman
Tosh Towe Landscape Supervisor
Anthony DeSocio Chowan County Forest Ranger
Dewayne Whealton Staff Liaison