Isabel 20: A Town of Edenton Film

"Isabel 20," an award-winning documentary, marks the culmination of the Town of Edenton's efforts to commemorate and honor the tragedy of Hurricane Isabel during its 20th anniversary in late 2023. The film was screened in multiple showings at the Taylor Theater downtown and was free to the public. 

Assembled over a six month period by the town's Public Information Office, the film recaps the hurricane from formation to dissipation and focuses on Edenton specifically. Interviews were conducted over the course of Summer 2023 with numerous former community leaders and residents to gauge the effects of Isabel's fury firsthand. This, combined with hundreds of photographs and hours of submitted video and news agency footage, created "Isabel 20" in its entirety. This film was produced as an oral history documentary for the community in perpetuity. 

The film won a second-place videography award at the annual North Carolina City & County Communicators'  Conference in Concord, N.C. this April. The category was one of the conference's most competitive. 

"Isabel 20" is dedicated to Ms. Angelique Jones, who passed during the storm. The film was also created in memory of several other local leaders who have since passed away, they are listed in the credits. 

For questions about the film or to request private screenings, contact the town's Public Information Officer. 

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