Hurricane Emergency Information

Hurricane Isabel from the ISS

Hurricane Information

Being Prepared

The Town of Edenton has put together some information we hope will be helpful to you and your family. Please use this page as a guideline, individual needs require individual preparation. You can also visit ReadyNC for everything from current weather conditions and evacuation routes to shelter information and disaster assistance. 

Are you prepared?

The most important thing that you can do is to be informed and prepared. Disaster prevention includes both being prepared as well as reducing damages (mitigation).

Get more details about National Hurricane Preparedness.

Flood Mapping

View Chowan County flood maps and find your home's flood risk here: 



NC OneMap

Flood Projection and Tide Gauges (NC FIMAN) 

Emergency Shelter Information

Please read the following before going to a shelter.

General Shelter Information

Social Services' first response in a natural disaster is to open shelters for those in low-lying areas, unstable home environments, or other needs. Shelters should be a last resort as evacuation is the safest alternative in a natural disaster.

The Control Group of Chowan County Emergency Response determines when and if shelters are needed. Once it is decided, basic information will be communicated through the website, media, and press releases.

Typically, shelters are located at John Holmes High School and Chowan Middle School.

If you feel you need sheltering during a storm, you should bring the following supplies: all medications, a blanket, pillow, hand towel, light toiletries, water/snacks/drinks (limited amount), and a change of clothes. If you have children, a board game or some type of appropriate indoor entertainment is recommended. Shelters will provide basic meals. Emergency personnel, law enforcement, DSS, and other officials will be present, including the Red Cross. You should not bring weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs of any kind. Pets are not allowed (however Chowan County may have a pet shelter available, check local resources for information or the Animal Control Department).

In the event of a disaster, the county will open an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The number will be made available at the opening to the public. This will allow you to access information regarding services pre and post disaster.

Our shelters are not equipped to handle citizens with special needs at this time. These individuals should work with the Red Cross to locate a Special Needs Shelter. Often, Greenville will open one to help those citizens. Caretakers are required to accompany those with special needs.

Evacuation in the event of a powerful natural disaster is your best form of protection. In the event you cannot evacuate, and you feel threatened in your home and have no other safe resource, you should locate to a shelter before conditions worsen. Be informed regarding any information about storm strength and predicted time of impact so you can make early decisions to protect you and your family. You can rebuild a house, but you cannot rebuild a life, protect yourself first.

Power Outage Information

If your utilities are supplied by the Town of Edenton and to report power problems please call 482-4414 during business hours, and Chowan Central Communications at 482-4111 after hours. 

Please DO NOT call 911 to report power outages, use 911 only in an emergency.