Downtown Ambassadors

Melvin Tatem, one of Edenton's downtown ambassadors

Our Downtown Ambassadors, currently numbering nine in force, represent the Town of Edenton and our police department in the downtown historic district. Typically seen as two on shift at once, they patrol later in the day and into the nighttime hours to ensure folks are having a good time downtown and feeling safe and secure. 

Checking on businesses and those in need, greeting residents and visitors and keeping an eye on the social district are just a few of their duties. Some of our ambassadors also double as park and harbor attendants as well. Having a small presence downtown allows our uniformed officers to patrol other parts of Edenton, thus ensuring that coverage is fair and widespread for all neighborhoods. 

Our ambassadors have a direct line to the police department at all times. You may recognize them on the sidewalks as they wear neon-colored vests or downtown ambassador shirts. Say hi if you see one! 

Current Ambassadors

Doris Etheridge
Carroll Griffin
Jamie Griffin
Jacqueline Riddick
Deidra Sessoms
Derek Skinner
Villa Sutton 
Melvin Tatem
Donnell Valentine