Yard Waste & Bulk Debris

Residential Yard Waste & Bulk Debris Collection Program

For special collection fees (furniture, mattresses, etc.), visit the special collections page. 

Recent changes to state rules regarding the Town’s yard waste debris site have changed some processes of our yard debris collection program.   Also, the Town Council recently amended the Town Code to prohibit yard waste and leaves from being placed in the street or blown into the street using mechanical blowers. This new rule will help prevent street flooding and prevent yard waste from entering the Town’s stormwater system and making its way to Edenton Bay. Below are the Town’s Yard Waste and Bulk Debris Collection rules and regulations.     

  • Leaves, limbs, and grass clippings should be placed adjacent to the curb or street, NOT in the street.  
  • Do not place leaves or grass clippings on a tarp or in a container.
  • Keep all leaves and grass separate from limbs.
  • Do not discharge or blow grass or leaves into the street.
  • All limbs should be less than 60” in length and/or no more than 4” in diameter. Limbs, branches, and shrubs exceeding these length and diameter restrictions will be accessed at a special pick up/collection fee per Town Code.
  • Yard waste should be out by 7 a.m. on Thursday mornings. Pickup will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Leaves will be picked up daily in the fall.

Yard waste collection is a residential service. Landscapers, tree surgeons, contractors or other technicians hired by residents or property owners to trim or remove trees and or shrubs on private property are responsible for removing and properly disposing of tree and shrub trimmings, and or limbs branches, trunks, and stumps.

Call Public Works at (252) 482-4111 for additional information about this policy.  Property owners within the Town’s Historic District should contact the Planning Department for guidance on how to obtain permission from the Historic Preservation Commission prior to any removal of trees.  Call (252) 482-2155, ext. 182 for assistance or email dewayne.whealton [at] edenton.nc.gov (Dewayne Whealton)

Due to state regulations at the receiving landfill, the Town cannot collect construction materials, furniture, and other bulk items. The Town is also prohibited from collecting tree trunks and logs.  However, residents can use the County Convenience Centers to dispose of construction debris, tree debris larger than 4 inches in diameter, and bulk items.  Call (252) 297-3300 or visit Chowan County for more information.  

Chowan County Convenience Center Addresses: 

  • 237 Soundside Road
  • 934 Virginia Road
  • 2035 Virginia Road
  • 103 Ryland Road