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Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services
Town of Edenton
April 10, 2024

The Town of Edenton has received grant funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) Division of Water Infrastructure as follows:

1. Asset Inventory and Assessment (AIA) for the Town of Edenton’s Sanitary Sewer system for Project No. VURAIA-W-ARP-0024; and

2. Asset Inventory and Assessment (AIA) for the Town of Edenton’s Sanitary Sewer system for Project No. AIAW-ARP-0004. Contingent upon formal awards, the Town of Edenton is soliciting requests for qualifications for professional engineering services to assist the Town of Edenton in asset inventory and assessment for project:

(1) VUR-AIA-W-ARP-0024 which includes CCTV of approximately 130,000 LF of sanitary sewer lines and components in the collection system, flow monitoring, hydraulic modeling, asset management plan with a capital improvement plan, rate study and grant administration and transfer all field collected survey and conditions assessment into our asset management (Utility Cloud), also provide bi-monthly updates to the Town and DWI; and

(2) AIA-W-ARP-0004 which includes Smoke testing of approximately 130,000 LF of select sanitary sewer lines and components, pump station inspections of approximately 16 pump stations. Location and in field visual assisted inspection of 750 sanitary sewer manholes, also provide bi-monthly updates to the Town and DWI. Payment terms will be negotiated with the selected firm. The fees for professional engineering services will be paid with grant funds.

Engineering services for all work must comply with NCDEQ-DWI guidance documents and receive acceptance/approval from NCDEQ-DWI prior to final payments by the Town of Edenton. Engineering services for the work shall include, but not be limited to, standard tasks necessary for the implementation of the construction project in conformance with the NCDEQ-DWI program:

1. Preparation of an engineering report, construction plans, specifications and obtaining necessary Permits; and

2. Supervising the bid advertising, tabulation, and award process, including preparing the advertisements for bid solicitations, conducting pre-bid meeting, conducting bid opening, and issuing the notice to proceed; and

3. Conducting the pre-construction conference; and 

4. Surveying, field staking, on-site observation of construction work, and preparing inspection reports; and 

5. Reviewing and approving all contractor requests for payment, change orders, and submitting approved requests to the Town of Edenton; and

6. Providing reproducible plan drawings upon project completion; and

7. Conducting final inspection and testing; and

8. Submitting certified “as-built” drawings to appropriate authorities; and

9. Preparing an operation and maintenance manual (if applicable)

RFQ submissions must include at a minimum:

1. Individual or Firm Information: firm’s legal name, address, email, and telephone number, the principal(s) of the firm and the firm’s experience and qualifications; and

2. Water/Wastewater Experience: The specialized experience and technical competence of the staff to be assigned to the project with respect to water/wastewater improvements or related work, description of firm’s prior experience, including any similar projects, construction cost, and names of local officials knowledgeable regarding the firm’s performance on related work. Include at least five references within the past five years; and

3. Firm Capacity and Capability: The capacity and capability of the firm to perform the work in question, including specialized services, within the period of the grant, the past record of performance of the firm with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules; description of firm’s current work activities, capability of carrying out all aspects of related activities, and firm’s anticipated availability during the term of the project; and

4. The proposed work plan and schedule for activities to be performed; and

5. Documentation of compliance with state and federal debarment/eligibility requirements.

Submissions will be evaluated for both projects separately according to the following factors:

1. Qualifications, Competence and Reputation of Firm and Personnel 20 points

2. Firm’s Capability to Meet Time and Project Budget Requirements 20 points

3. Present and Project Workload of Firm 20 points

4. Related Experience on Similar projects 20 points

5. Recent and Current Work for the Town 20 points

Total Points: 100 points

Upon completion of the review, the Town of Edenton will award and contract the work as authorized by the Town of Edenton’s Town Council. For purposes of proposal evaluation, the Consultant is requested to provide an estimated not-to-exceed ceiling amount. The ceiling amount should include fringe benefits, indirect costs, profit and reimbursable expenses. Fee will not be the sole criteria for selection of the Consultant.

Respondents may review the grant application(s) which include descriptions of the proposed work including activities, budgets, schedules, and other pertinent information by visiting the Town Hall at 400 S. Broad Street during regular office hours. 

Once the most qualified firm is selected, costs for the services will be negotiated to include separate pricing for engineering reports, engineering design/bid package, and construction administration and inspection services. Contracting for these activities will clearly define the costs of each activity. Contracts shall be contingent upon formal grant awards. If an agreement of contract compensation cannot be determined with the first qualified firm, the Town of Edenton will eliminate that firm and begin discussion with the next most qualified firm.

The above information must be received no later than May 1, 2024 at the Attn: David Myers, Public Works Director - P.O. Box 300 or 400 S. Broad Street. For more information, contact David Myers at 252-482-4111 or email, david.myers [at] edenton.nc.gov. Town of Edenton is an equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women-owned firms.