Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a government body that serves an important quasi-judicial role in the administration of zoning and land use regulations. Their primary function is to provide relief to property owners from certain provisions of the zoning ordinance in cases where strict application of the ordinance would cause an undue hardship. Key duties and legal functions include variances, appeals, interpretations, and ruling on special exceptions.

The Board of Adjustment's decisions must be based on the specific criteria outlined in the zoning ordinance and must be consistent with the local government's comprehensive plan and the overall public interest. They do not have the authority to change the zoning ordinance itself; their role is to provide flexibility and relief in exceptional cases where strict adherence to the ordinance would be unjust or impractical.

Meetings take place at 5:00 PM on the third Monday monthly (as needed), typically after Tree Committee meetings. 

Board Members 

John Sams Member
George Little Member
Frank Edmondson Member
John D. Grant Member
Blaine Charak Alternate
Derrick Armstead  Alternate
Owen Maxwell County Member 


Bob Turner Councilman