Weather station installed at downtown waterfront

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The downtown waterfront weather station in December 2023

EDENTON -- Weather enthusiasts, kayakers, residents, whatever you may be, take heed! We have installed a new weather station on our waterfront. 

Recently, Public Works teamed up with the Public Information Officer to identify and purchase a weather station to be installed at Colonial Park, just steps away from the harbor. This station was in response to the growing demand by residents and visitors for accurate, minute-by-minute weather readings for the harbor and downtown area. 

The station was purchased from Ambient Weather, which operates a growing network of weather stations across the country that the public can view at any time. The Edenton station now joins that network for the public to access at the following link:, or on our homepage, or under the "Residents" menu at the top, or under the Edenton Harbor department page or Public Information department page. 

The Weather Underground link to our station can be found here:

The nearest weather station was at the tarmac of Northeastern Regional Airport, four miles to the southeast, before the new harbor station. A tide gauge also operates at the waterfront, and data from that gauge can be found here

A link will also be available at the top of our Facebook page. 

This new weather station will allow us to track temperature, rainfall, wind speed, feels like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset, UV index, solar radiation, and more. 

"We are incredibly excited about this new equipment," said Tyler Newman, Public Information Officer. "Many residents, especially in our boating community, have requested a weather station be installed along our waterfront for quite some time. We have heard you, and we are excited to share the data 24/7 with the public. If there is any issue with the station or data it provides, please reach out to us." 

The weather readout from the station can be viewed 24/7 by visiting and searching for Edenton, or by visiting the direct station link. There is also an Ambient Weather Network app available for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.