Town to host Heir Properties Clinic

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Heirs Property Clinic Flyer - December 12, 2023

EDENTON -- Town leaders are excited to announce that our staff is partnering with N.C. Legal Aid for an Heir Properties Clinic. This follows on the heels of our Advanced Directives & Wills Clinic (also with N.C. Legal Aid) scheduled for November 16 at the Council Chambers. 

This Heir Properties Clinic is a free presentation designed to assist our residents and property owners with how to navigate the sometimes-tricky world of heir properties and the legal fallout that can result from many heirs to one property and the questioning of property rights.

We have encountered this situation often at the Planning Department and while handling code enforcements, and so the Town Planner, Dewayne Whealton, has worked diligently to bring this educational service forward for all residents.

"We hope this program will benefit all who attend, and encourage residents and property owners who are heirs or may be heirs to property to come out and listen to what has to be said," Whealton says. 

One-on-one appointments can be scheduled with an attorney during the clinic for a consultation about heir properties. A free lunch will also be served. Folks can come down to the Council Chambers at 504 South Broad Street from 10 AM to 12 PM on Tuesday, December 12 for the program. 

Signup link (shortened) for one on one attorney consultations:, or by scanning the QR code in the flyer attached.